Kris Oakes


May 11, 2021

Meeting opened at 6:32 pm by J. Krultz, who led the Pledge of Allegiance. Attendees: J. Krultz, Alana Werner, D. Oakes, M. Rezin. Also attending: K. Oakes, T. Swope.

Motion to accept the Agenda made by A. Werner, M. Rezin 2nd. CARRIED

New Business

  1. Discuss having permanent computer in the office that has a camera and microphone for webinars and ZOOM trainings. Motion made by M. Rezin, J. Krultz 2nd. If over $200, D. Oakes will contact board. CARRIED

MINUTES: April 13, 2021 Motion made to approve last month’s minutes made by D. Oakes, A. Werner 2nd. CARRIED


  1. Warrens Monroe Commission – Meeting will be held sometime in June
  2. Department of Public Works – Brian has ordered garbage cans/Questions about house with no running water. Clerk will call and ask what Village’s legal obligation is.
  3. Planning/Zoning –
  4. Audit/Budget – Budget – 2019 Audit Letter of Engagement done/ in final stages
  5. Office Administration-
    1. Next month the new superintendent for TASD will be coming to update board
    2. Vicki Myer asked if she can borrow plexi-glass divider for Cranfest. OK


  1. TIF discussion/action- County Lots
  2. Sign Ordinance 2021
  3. Amendment to Liquor License Ordinance – M. Rezin recommends amending the Liquor License Ordinance Ch. 9 Sec 1b3. Clerk will be responsible.
  4. Fire Station building/lot- J. Krultz will to Town of Lincoln and Fire Department about a restricted deed that would return ownership back to original if Fire Department ever dissolves.
  5. Well 2/Booster Station gas conversion- Conv w/Phil Cosson says if this is a Capital Expenditure NO, if TIF expense, YES
  6. Revised paperwork for Mike Fowler- Put this item as New Business for June meeting with correct Order # and parcel #’s.
  7. Beautification funds ($200.00) for flowers are taken out of the Municipal Bldg GL account.

Communications – Delinquent Account list, Annual Calendar

Liquor Licenses-/Operator’s Licenses –

Class B Temporary – Picnic License for Benefit for Rhonda Chambers, Cranberry Country Café, LLC Motion to approve made by D. Oakes, A. Werner 2nd. CARRIED

Operator’s License – Shawn Leikness Temporary (for Benefit), Anna Rice, Pro-rated Motion made by A. Werner, D. Oakes 2nd. CARRIED

Transfer and Payment of Bills-Motion made by D. Oakes, M. Rezin 2nd. CARRIED.

Adjournment – Motion to close meeting at 8:51 pm by A. Werner, J. Krultz 2nd. CARRIED

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