Kris Oakes, Clerk

October 11, 2022

Meeting was called to order at 6:32 pm by J. Krultz, who led the Pledge of Allegiance. Board members in attendance: J. Krultz, M. Rezin, A. Werner, D. Oakes, T. Malinger. Other attendees: Clerk-K. Oakes, Treasurer-N. Zelmer & Public Works-B. Knoepker.

Motion to approve agenda made by D. Oakes, A. Werner 2nd. CARRIED

New Business

No new business

MINUTES: September 13, 2022. Motion to approve minutes (correct date) made by T. Malinger, D. Oakes 2nd. CARRIED


  1. Warrens Monroe Commission – Clerk will pull latest 2 years of audits. J. Krultz and B. Knoepker will work on WMWC budget for 2023.
  2. Department of Public Works – See attached report. No motion made.
  3. Planning/Zoning –
  4. Audit/Budget- WMWC 2020 Audit is finished except for auditor journal entries. Clerk will work w/ Civic and CLA to resolve issues.
  5. Office Administration- Trick or Treat times – Monday, October 31, 2022, 4:00 -6:00 pm Board established

Trick or Treat hours from 4-6.

Health insurance renewal for December raise in premiums INFO

Possibility of outdoor Christmas tree. B. Knoepker will head this project.


  1. TIF discussion/action Joint Review Board Meeting 11:30 am this Friday/would like a couple extra copies of the CDA Restructuring Reports (ones Phil sends).

Communications – Delinquent Account list, Current bank reconciliations, Annual Calendar Jason would like the Voluntary 2% account to be added to CIVIC and reconciled.

Liquor Licenses-/Operator’s Licenses – NO ACTION

Transfer and Payment of Bills-Motion made by M. Rezin, A. Werner 2nd, to transfer funds and pay bills. CARRIED

Board went into Closed session at 7:34 pm Roll Call – Werner/here, Rezin/here, Krultz/here, Malinger/here, Oakes/here.

Closed session ended at 8.23 pm

Any action from closed session

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn made by T. Malinger, A. Werner 2nd. CARRIED

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