Kris Oakes


June 8, 2021

Meeting called to order and pledge of Allegiance led by J. Krultz. Also in attendance: M. Rezin, D. Oakes, T. Malinger, A. Werner. Also – Clerk/Treasurer and Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Motion made to accept agenda by M. Rezin, T. Malinger 2nd. CARRIED

New Business

  1. Dr. Charles M. (Mike) Hanson II, TASD Superintendent- updated board on school district projects and plans
  2. Mike Fowler Ordinance to detach parcels from Village of Warrens Motion made to approve by T. Malinger, M. Rezin 2nd. Roll call vote: D. Oakes, Aye; T. Malinger, Aye; J. Krultz, Aye; M. Rezin, Aye; A. Werner, Aye. CARRIED. Clerk will inform resident and make copy for him.

MINUTES: May 11, 2021 Motion to approve


  1. Warrens Monroe Commission – NO ACTION
  2. Department of Public Works – Brian will order garbage cans as well as recycle can for residents
  3. Planning/Zoning – NO ACTION
  4. Audit/Budget – Budget – Still waiting to hear more about what is needed for 2019. Terri will call Jake and find out.
  5. Office Administration- Election Machine Motion to commit to new voting machine D. Oakes, M. Rezin 2nd. T. Malinger, Nay. Motion CARRIED.


  1. TIF discussion/action- NO ACTION
  2. Sign Ordinance 2021-NO ACTION
  3. Amendment to Liquor License Ordinance- change verbiage and vote on in July meeting.
  4. Fire Station building/lot- Greg, Mike and Jason still need to meet to discuss.
  5. PSC response to inquiry
  6. Genske- Resurrect the file and send letter as well as a mowing letter. Also send 410 Main a junk letter

Communications – Delinquent Account list, Annual Calendar

Liquor Licenses-/Operator’s Licenses –

Picnic License – Warrens Lions Club. Motion to approve upon receiving signatures made by T. Malinger, D. Oakes 2nd. CARRIED

Class B Renewals – (Reserve) Three Bears Hospitality Partners, LLC, (Beer & Liquor) Marco’s Italian & American Grill, (Beer & Liquor) Big Mo’s Pub & Grub (HOLD) Motion made to approve Class B renewals by T. Malinger, A. Werner 2nd. CARRIED

Class A Renewals – (Combo) Maha Kali Inc, (Combo) Hari Om Corp, (Liquor, including wine) Van Wychen (Wine), Cranberry Country Café (Wine). Motion to approve Class A renewals by J. Krultz, T. Malinger 2nd. CARRIED

Operator’s License – for Warrens Mall- Betty Kirchoff, Janira Hamby, Harley Larson, Gaylene Noth, Lisa Stark, Ashlee Jones; Warrens Lion’s Club- Harvey Foss, Mike Linehan, Christopher Salzwedel; Berryvine- Sejalben Patel, Bharatkumar Patel, Stephanie Hansen, Anna Rice, Shannon Gray. Motion to approve Operator’s renewals D. Oakes, T. Malinger 2nd. CARRIED

Transfer and Payment of Bills- Motion by M. Rezin, D. Oakes 2nd. CARRIED

Adjournment – Motion to adjourn at 8:44 pm made by T. Malinger, D. Oakes 2nd. CARRIED

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