Kris Oakes


April 13, 2021

Meeting opened by J. Krultz at 6:30 pm, who led the Pledge of Allegiance. Attendees: J. Krultz, D. Oakes, M. Rezin, T. Malinger, and A. Werner. Other attendees: K. Oakes, T. Swope, B. Knoepker.

New Business

  1. Mike Fowler’s land – Clerk found paperwork that was originally written for previous owner. Parcel # will need to be added, ordinance # changed, etc.. Have ready for May meeting.
  2. Board of Review dates – Claude will have dates by the end of the week. Let Board know when dates are set.
  3. 2021 Special Events Application – Cranfest 2021. Motion to approve the special events application made by T. Malinger, D. Oakes 2nd. 4 AYES/ M. Rezin abstained. Motion CARRIED.

MINUTES: March 9, 2021 Motion to approve March minutes made by D. Oakes, A. Werner 2nd. Motion CARRIED.


  1. Warrens Monroe Commission – NO ACTION
  2. Department of Public Works – Discussion of Gas Conversion for Well 2 and Booster Station Move to unfinished business
  3. Planning/Zoning – NO ACTION
  4. Audit/Budget – Budget – 2019 Budget Letter of Engagement done/ in final stages Clerk will call S Small
  5. Office Administration-
    1. Alderman letter


  1. TIF discussion/action J. Krultz will call Phil
  2. Sign Ordinance 2021
  3. Amendment to Liquor License Ordinance

Communications – Delinquent Account list, Annual Calendar

Liquor Licenses-/Operator’s Licenses –

Class B Temporary – Warrens Softball Association Motion to approve M. Rezin, A. Werner 2nd CARRIED

Operator’s License – Josh Shisler, Chad Cramer Motion to approve by T. Malinger, A. Werner 2nd CARRIED

Transfer and Payment of Bills-Motion made by D. Oakes, M. Rezin CARRIED

Any action from closed session

Adjournment- Motion made to adjourn at 8:12 pm by D. Oakes, T. Malinger 2nd. CARRIED

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