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Please have your can on the curb before 7 AM on its assigned day. The cans must be easy for us to roll out to the street (i.e If they are stuck in a snowbank we will not pick them up).

  • Garbage pick-up (black can) will always be on Mondays unless there is a holiday.
  • Recycle pick-up (blue can) will be on the 1st Tuesday and the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

NOTE: If a holiday lands on a Sunday or Monday, we will pick up your garbage on that Tuesday and recycle on that 1st and/or 3rd Wednesday.

Check out our calendar on the homepage to see the schedule.

Recyclable items include: all paper items; envelopes, newsprint, magazines, books, loose paper. Tin cans must be rinsed clean. Glass bottles empty. Plastic bottles must be empty and clean. Aerosol cans must be empty. All plastics should be clean and empty. Aluminum cans must be empty. Place all recyclable items in a Village Recycle Can.

Non-recyclable items include: Tissues, napkins, paper plates, meat wrappers, styrofoam, used pizza boxes, no tobacco products; cigarettes and chew inside plastic bottles are not allowed, furnace filters, all fiberglass products, vinyl siding, paint cans with wet paint in them, no burnt items out of a campfire; half-burnt aluminum cans, wet or half-burnt paper, etc. These items, plus all other trash, must be placed in the Village of Warrens’ garbage cans.

Each resident is allowed 1 (95 gallon) can of garbage and 1 (95 gallon) can of recycling on scheduled days.

Garbage cans will be delivered to your home upon request.  Contact the Village Office to set up delivery.

The replacement cost is $150 per can.

Beds, chairs, sofas, tables will all be accepted during our spring cleanup week. You may take them to Modern Disposal in Tomah any time of the year and pay their rates.

These items will only be picked up during our spring clean-up week in May. You will be charged $10 for each item. You must pay the village before they will be picked up, they include Televisions, computers, monitors, refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, air conditioners.

We will pick up tires for $3 each.

The water sometimes is brown due to a build up of iron on the pipes that make up the distribution system that delivers water to your home.

This iron builds up on the pipe and sometimes dissolves into the water.  We flush the mains twice a year to scour the pipes to help eliminate this problem.

It is safe, run your cold water tap for at least 5+ minutes.  This should clear your line.

Call the Public Works Director if you are considering building a new home and need water and sewer service. 608-343-7601

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