Nicki Zellmer – Treasurer

March 8, 2022

Meeting called to order by J. Krultz at 6:30 pm., who then led the Pledge of Allegiance. Board members in attendance were J. Krultz, M. Rezin, A. Werner, D. Oakes and T. Malinger. Staff in attendance- Treasurer, N. Zellmer, PW Brian Knoepker, Semi-retired Deputy Clerk/Tresurer T. Swope

Motion to approve agenda made by D. Oakes, M. Rezin 2nd. CARRIED

New Business

  1. ARPA funds – Most of these funds were used when purchasing the new garbage truck and cans, also used on employee wages when out with COVID.
    1. Revenue loss due to Cranberry Festival being cancelled in 2020, as well as military lodging at 3 Bears.
    2. Additional uses for remaining funds discussed was painting the water tower, street repair on Zeda, new streets: North Hartwell, Church, Warren Pl, more crack sealing on all streets. Need to get total dollars left and research how using the funds will affect our Levy Limit and shared revenue.

MINUTES: February 8, 2022 – Training was done at Village office. Remove charge/log building and reword to, “plan to train multiple municipalities”. Motion to correct February minutes made by T. Mallinger, A. Werner 2nd. CARRIED


  1. Warrens Monroe Commission – NO ACTION
  2. Department of Public Works –
    1. Generator at well 2 is still not working; Brian is waiting to hear back when Cummins will be coming back with the correct parts.
    2. Brian is working with our engineer at the wastewater plant to develop a small tree nursery with the trees that are growing there. Working on getting Cottonwoods to grow from small cuttings, root them in wood chips, then sell the seedlings back to the engineer; he has a need for these trees, and we may be able to make a few dollars for little work/no cost.
    3. The tornado siren pole is in progress with Alliant Energy and the project will begin once the frost is out of the ground.
    4. The cleaning lady for Lions Building has given her notice for the end of the month. Options for future cleaning: find another cleaner who has liability insurance (policy cost approx. $500.00/year) – Terri has a niece that may be interested, getting a “robot” system – Darrin sent message to Richtech Robotics for pricing information, hire part-time cleaner – can clean log building, park bathrooms and village office. Nicki to confirm workers compensation guidelines. In the meantime, we need to inform weekend renters if there is an event the following date/date prior, so they ensure the building is clean.
    5. Picnic license application submitted for benefit on 5/26. Will also need one for Father’s Day weekend – car show at the log building.
  3. Planning/Zoning – NO ACTION
  4. Audit/Budget – Budget – Terri provided a status of reconciling:
    1. Checking is reconciled through January 2022. March 2021 for Money Market was just completed, and she will be starting April.
    2. Her plan is to work with Kris and Nicki upon Kris’ return on what to expect from auditors and how to troubleshoot if reconciliation is off.
    3. Terri and Kris will complete January and February 2022 reconciliation together.
    4. October 2020 is off so there will be some work done to find the error.
    5. It was discussed what accounts get reconciled through Civic – only checking and money market. The TIF and Municipal Building (Voluntary Contributions) are the only other accounts that have activity. TIF is used for transfers and making bond payments (wire charges).
    6. Going forward Nicki and Kris are to reconcile each other’s accounts. It will be asked at board meetings if accounts from previous month are reconciled, if we are off, etc.
    7. Jake is almost complete with 2019 audit; he is working to resolve $20,000.00 that we are off. Jason had a conversation with Jake regarding wanting to start utilizing budget report to get a feel for where we are throughout the year. He relayed to Jake that we need to get 2019 closed out in Civic (should only have current year and previous year open) and set the expectation that 2020 and 2021 audits should be completed in 2022. 2019 draft has been sent, journal entries need to be completed.
  5. Office Administration-
    1. Upcoming training- Clerk & Treasurers Institute, July 11-15, 2022, Virtual. Scholarship applications due by March 15th (Treasurers) – Nicki’s has been submitted. Deadline is April 15th for Clerks.
    2. Voting machine is here and can be used for training. Terri says training went well and is easier than the old machine.
    3. BCPL pay off – check to be mailed 3/9/22.
    4. Spring newsletter to be sent out:
      1. Spring clean-up will be 1st week in May (AM pick up 5/2-5/6). They may start putting out items the last weekend in April. Only items that do not fit in the garbage can should be set out. Brian will order 2 dumpsters from Modern Disposal and have set up by the Gebhardt Building
      2. 2021 CCR is available to view online, or they can come to the office.
      3. Include some ATV/UTV information
      4. Summer burning


  1. TIF discussion/action – Jason was contacted on 2/9 with offer to purchase 3 of the 5 remaining lots (107, 109, 111) by James Waller @ $8500.00/per lot with 1st right of refusal for lots 103 & 105 with closing date of 3/31/22. Options: accept offer, reject offer, counteroffer or table. Jason will contact James with counteroffer to include price at $10,000/lot and strike lot 103 as Village wants to keep. Motion to counter made by T. Mallinger, 2nd by A. Werner – CARRIED
  2. Sign Ordinance 2022 NO ACTION

Communications – Delinquent Account list, Annual Calendar

Liquor Licenses-/Operator’s Licenses – Picnic License application received. A special meeting will be held in March as this was not part of the agenda. NO ACTION

Transfer and Payment of Bills- Motion made by D. Oakes, M. Rezin, 2nd. CARRIED

Closed session began at 8:07– in attendance J. Krultz, T. Mallinger, A. Werner, D. Oakes, M. Rezin. Motion made by D. Oakes, 2nd by T. Mallinger.

Adjournment- Motion to adjourn D. Oakes, A. Werner 2nd. CARRIED

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