Kris Oakes, Clerk/Treasurer

March 9, 2021

Meeting called to order by J. Krultz at 6:31 pm. J. Krultz led Pledge of Allegiance. Board members in attendance were J. Krultz, D. Oakes, A. Werner, M. Rezin and T. Malinger. Also in attendance K. Oakes (Clerk) and T. Swope (Deputy Clerk)

Motion was made to accept the agenda by M. Rezin, A. Werner 2nd. Motion CARRIED

New Business

  1. Marketing for Log building – Greg Zingler & Bill Forseth presented ideas to better advertise the availability of the Log Building. The Lions would like to help with signage and marketing of rental opportunities. They would also like to see any profits from proceeds earmarked for improvements. NO ACTION

MINUTES: February 9, 2021 Motion to approve made by A. Werner, D. Oakes 2nd. CARRIED


  1. Warrens Monroe Commission – NO ACTION
  2. Department of Public Works – Spring Pick-up dates- May 17-21
  3. Planning/Zoning – NO ACTION
  4. Audit/Budget – Budget – 2019 Budget NO ACTION
  5. Office Administration- Changes in BOR training requirements effective January 1, 2022. BOR training materials are ordered
    1. Bank Account signatures
    2. Discussion of old desks. Terri is purchasing her old desk for $40.00. Other desk will be sold or disposed of.
    3. Training for 2021- MTAW Spring Conference- April 29-30 (Virtual), Clerk/Treasurer Institute-July 12-16 (Virtual) Kris and Terri will register for training conferences.
    4. Newsletter- possibility of mailing out the Spring one instead of just emailing OK
    5. Questions about Fire department concerning land, building and fire protection charges. Terri will call PSC and search out original minutes concerning purchase of land and construction of building.
    6. Kris will look for Noble paperwork to use as example for M. Fowler for transfer of land from village to Town of Lincoln and bring to April meeting.


  1. TIF discussion/action- NO ACTION
  2. Sign Ordinance 2021- NO ACTION
  3. Waller/Village Properties- Received $1000.00 check for earnest money

Communications – Delinquent Account list, Annual Calendar

Liquor Licenses-/Operator’s Licenses – NO ACTION

Transfer and Payment of Bills-Motion made by D. Oakes, T. Malinger 2nd. CARRIED

Any action from closed session NO ACTION

Adjournment- Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:36 pm by T. Malinger, A. Werner 2nd. CARRIED

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