Planning & Zoning Meeting April 2019


Kris Oakes


Date: April 8, 2019

Meeting called to order by Amy Roberts at 5:37 pm. In attendance- M. Clark, N. Pierce, E. Rezin. Also, in attendance- Village Clerk, K. Oakes

New Business

  1. Sign Variance Applications for The Berry Vine and New County Line.
    1. Motion to recommend Village Board approve variance for The Berry Vine. Motion made by N. Pierce, M. Clark 2nd. CARRIED. Note: Jellystone will be contacted as nearest neighbor
  2. A. Roberts will contact owner of New County Line to explain what is needed to ok sign variance. Committee will meet again when additional information is received.
  3. A. Roberts will be working on the actual Sign ordinance as a Village board member and will let the Committee know when it is ready to be reviewed.
  4. M. Clark asked if members on committee are supposed to rotate out. It is suggested that they try to encourage other community members to become involved.

Adjournment- Motion made by M. Clark, E. Rezin 2nd. CARRIED. Meeting adjourned at 5:45.

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