Jan Minutes 2019


Kris Oakes


Date: January 8, 2019

Meeting called to order and Pledge of Allegiance led by J. Krultz at 6:30 pm. Attendees- D. Byrum, M. Rezin, J. Krultz, A. Roberts. Also, in attendance- Clerk, K. Oakes, Deputy Clerk, T. Swope

A motion was made to approve the agenda by A. Roberts, 2nd by M. Rezin.

New Business

  1. Family Promise – Donna Stebbins Ph: 608-343-5897. Discussion NO ACTION
  2. Copier – Amy Roberts Motion made by A. Roberts to go with Tri-State’s recommendation of obtaining a newer copier w/service agreement that is cheaper than the one we are now paying. 2nd by D. Byrum. CARRIED

Note: Discussion about making sure the newsletter is posted on Facebook page and website. Put a notice in the spring newsletter that states we our intention for a “green initiative”, so we are not spending so much on postage and colored copies. Also, sheet with water rates for 2019 needs to go in the newsletter/website

MINUTES: December 11, 2018 A motion was made to accept last month’s minutes by A. Roberts, 2nd by D. Byrum. CARRIED


  1. Warrens Monroe Commission – Audit for 2017/Budget for 2019 A meeting will be called when budget is figured out by J. Krultz and B. Knoepker.
  2. Department of Public Works – NO ACTION
  3. Planning/Zoning – NO ACTION
  4. Audit/Budget – Clerk will send email to auditors to see where we are on the audit process.
  5. Office administration – Village Facebook page etc. J. Krultz will help get rights transferred over to clerk.


  1. TIF discussion/action – NO ACTION
  2. Sign Ordinance – 2019 – A. Roberts is beginning work on this project.
  3. Temporary/Provisional Operator’s License Ordinance – 2019. After taxes/end of year reports, Clerk will begin this project.

Communications – Delinquent Account list/M. Rave property/License f/Donna K’s & OKO’s

R. Rouse has agreed to surrender license. Clerk is working on steps to get this done.

Rave property is now owned by Birdd Properties

Motion made by A. Roberts, 2nd by D. Byrum to approve the Gundersen Health System Occupational Health Agreement (for random testing of CDL drivers). CARRIED.

Payment of Bills and transfer of funds Motion made by D. Byrum, 2nd by A. Roberts. CARRIED

Note: J. Krultz asked that we keep a spreadsheet of the payment between the Commission and Village in 2019.

Upon motion duly made and adopted, the Village Board may convene into closed session (i) pursuant to State Statute 19.85(c) to consider employment, promotion, compensation or performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility to discuss personnel.

Any action from closed session

Adjournment Motion made to adjourn meeting by D. Byrum, 2nd by A. Roberts. CARRIED

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